Welcome to our BRAND-NEW WWE column!

Welcome everyone! This is my new column on the goings on of WWE. For the past two and a half decades wrestling has gripped fans worldwide and become a larger-than-life sport. I myself have been a fan since the age of six, picked it up in the generation of Stephanie McMahon Helmsley and Triple H! The modern generation picking it up now probably won’t even remember that . We’ve had so many eras and so many outside projects from WWE that only a true wrestling fan could recall most of the big milestones.
Any fan today getting into wrestling for the first time see the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena, future legends in the making and amazing athletes. However, they don’t know the past stars, the guys that truly put down the foundation for the new generations. Guys like The Undertaker is a legend of legends; the mark he has left in the wrestling industry can never be redone or replaced. For 22 years now, and a previous six on the independent circuit, The Undertaker through many characters has entertained a whole range of people and two generations.
As for the Divas of wrestling, today people see the likes of Kelly Kelly, who sure is great from a business point of view, but she’s not going to define a generation or the Divas division like Lita did. She defined the women’s division of her era; she took high-flying risks that paid off. Today the only Diva worthy of saying she’s true to the division is Eve Torres. We saw her come from a Diva Search winner to the Executive Personal Assistant on Raw.
The modern day era of WWE has changed from the original landscape so much that it’s important that a true WWE fan watches old tapes back, researches the greats so they understand the history of the business and not just latching onto the modern format. Fans these days are losing so much of the culture of the business by getting caught up in the glamorous side of it. That is one reason why I have brought this new column to you! To write reviews on the weekly shows, monthly PPVS, the latest news, new talent, gossip and much more!