Video of the Week: Showing the iPhone 4S to Public and Telling them it’s the 5

We wouldn’t make any accusations about the IQ of Apple fans like some other places, although Apple’s Marketing Senior Vice President Phil Schiller might, suggesting that wireless charging isn’t in the iPhone 5 because Apple users aren’t smart enough to use it:

“Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,”

Nimbly sidestepping the point that a traditional charger also plugs into the wall, but wireless charging means you don’t have to fiddle with that cord to plug into the phone in the dark, and wireless charging means your phone can charge while sitting on top of the speaker playing music wirelessly with NFC. And, thanks to wireless charging pillows being available in myriad places soon (including Coffee Bean), users don’t have to worry about carrying a charger around to ensure they have enough juice to last the day.

But Jimmy Kimmel had someone take to the streets with an iPhone 4S and told people it was an iPhone 5. Including people already owning and holding the 4S.