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There is not too much to update on as the next big UFC is 145. RASHARD EVANS will challenge JON “BONES” JONES for the light heavyweight title in mid-April.
I also hear that Britain’s very own MICHAEL BISPING is in talks of a rematch with DAN HENDERSON, I really hope BISPING puts in a performance like he did recently against CHAEL SONNEN. He will need to so that his fans do not get another upset like the last time they met. BISPING was knocked out by a very strong HENDERSON. Good luck MICHAEL we all wish you well.
FRANK MIR will meet the first ever Mexican Heavy Weight Champ Cain Velasquez. MIR is getting back to his best so should be a great fight and I am sure Cain has a lot to prove too.
These two I am sure will not go the distance and I favour HENDERSON and MIR but would love to see BISPING do it for us BRIT fans.


British MMA does not get the attention from the big TV companies like other world-class brands do, and to me this is not a good thing as the big bods of TV in the UK still see it as a demonic dangerous sport. This is far from the real truth as all MMA fans will know; it is a highly skilful sport, but the only real channels showing interest have a small budget so airtime is short. So much so I believe a lot of MMA event organisers are paying to put their shows on SKY TV’s Active channel, Channel 281 on SKY. If you check it out there are some great MMA shows, however there are no regular time slots, so check through your TV guide.
I want to introduce all my readers to a taste of what the BRIT fighters and clubs are all about. I recently went to interview some fighters and the owner of a small but impressive Academy in Strood, Kent.  COMBAT SPORTS ACADEMY.


The Academy is owned and run by LEE JOHNSTONE. Lee also has a company called ADRENALINE and it is at these events that his fighters all get to show their worth. The Academy is located in Strood, Kent, about thirty miles from London. There is some real talent in this place and LEE JOHNSTONE is the main man who arranges everything. His company is taking a few of their fighters across to Italy in early April to an ADRENALINE event there. The costs are all funded by LEE who has dedicated his life to the Academy and the guys who train there regardless of what level they are at. If you are interested in getting into MMA and live within distance of Strood, I strongly recommend you get in touch with LEE he is a really nice fella. Please see our interview with Lee below:

LEE AMBLER is a 26 year old MMA and BJJ fighter from Gillingham Kent. He has also recently started a new style called TUFF, a mix of grappling and BJJ. His first competition was against a Brazilian guy under CLAUDIO SILVA, who had a far greater experience and under London’s top club SHOOTFIGHTERS. So many great Brit fighters have trained here and still are training there. Lee held his own for five gruelling minutes, he leg-swept his opponent twice, but due to something in the rules was not given the points. He lost by a single point and considering the time he had to prepare for the tournament and the Iranian guy called See he was up against, he did a professional job and it’s yet another skill he is mastering. I spoke to LEE before the contest. He was doing some running to warm up. He seemed ready for combat.
Lee is also our English ranked number 3 in his weight class in BJJ and has won numerous medals for his club. He fights on the ADRENALIN events; his current MMA record is three wins and one loss. I have seen him compete in all of the above and believe me this guy is a top class athlete and one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet.
Check out our interview with Lee right here:

It was a great weekend with the CSA guys and i still have more to come from them in the next column. Thank you to Lee Johnstone for allowing us to see the academy and thank you to my old friend Lee Ambler, I wish you a long career my friend.
Next time i got a few more lads from CSA and the build up to the big UFC 145.

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