Think the iPhone 5 Has the “World’s Most Advanced Display”? You’re Wrong.

Mobility Digest has a post exploring the screen of the iPhone 5, described by Apple CEO Tim Cook as the “world’s most advanced display” at the launch event, and comparing it to the screen on the recently announced Lumia 920 (and the 900). The result? Cook is either ignorant of his competition, or he lied. If he is emulating Steve Jobs, then we’ll place money on the latter, but who knows?

To give a quick rundown, the iPhone 5 has a resolution of 1136 x 640, compared to 1280 x 768 on the Lumia 900. The iPhone 5 also has 326 pixels per inch (PPI) vs the Lumia’s 332.

The Lumia 900 has 600 nits for brightness, the iPhone 5 has 569. These Lumia specs are from its existing model, and the 920 has progressed even further. “The next generation of Clear Back Display [Nokia’s outstanding screen technology] technology found in Lumia 920 adds a high-luminescence mode that works automatically improving contrast and brightness outdoors performing even than the old CBD in 900.”

Bear in mind that 900 won awards, against the iPhone and others, for its visibility outdoors. The 920 automatically adjusts itself depending on glare and brightness outside.

The screen refresh rate on the 920 is 50% faster than the iPhone 5, producing “a clean transition from frame to frame allowing the display to deliver a steady 60 FPS without any blurring” (head over to the Mobility Digest article to see the comparison of this).

Apple is boasting about the iPhone 5’s sensitivity – the 920 works with almost anything, including thick gloves.

The end result? Compared to the Lumia 920, the iPhone 5 results are:

Screen PPI: -2%

Screen Resolution: -25%

Screen Sensitivity: it would be embarrassing to find a percentage.

Screen Refresh Rate: -50%

Screen Brightness: -5%

Screen Reflectance: -40%

Screen Outdoor Legibility: -15%