There’s More to the MonaLisa Twins Than Meets the Eye

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Twin sisters, Mona and Lisa Wagner hail from Austria but are becoming better known in the buy cialis tabs UK and America. Their debut album, When We’re Together was released in February of 2012. Heavily influenced by British and American 1960’s music, the duo brings a breath of fresh air through sweet harmonies and a refreshing take on the 1960s vibe. They have a simple charm, although some songs that carry a torch for the early 60’s sounds won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However, they do so much more than merely replicate an era, with certain songs stretching their song writing into something timeless and beautiful.

The title track opener has feel good vocals with an upbeat tempo. Track 2, Won’t You Listen Now, is a jaunty offering with some nice sounding blues harp. Strong echoes of the early Beatles run through This Boy is Mine. I Don’t Know Birds That Well is another catchy tune with great harmonies. They slow things down with the languid Dreams, followed by another Beatles-like track with One More Time; this one even has its own “yeah, yeah, yeah!” Track 7 is a tale of lost love, titled June. For me, the outstanding track is The Wide, Wide Land. In more reflective mood, the song is more lyrically ambitious and was inspired by the twins’ late grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. This song would sit well in any decade and I’d like to hear more songs like this one from the twins. All About Falling in Love finds the girls in melancholy mood. I Wanna Kiss You picks up the pace again, with a declaration of love. The album ends with the plaintive Nothing is in Vain with more harmonising and blues cheap viagra online if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link56″).style.display=”none”;} harp.

The video for the title track, When We’re Together, is a departure from the usual promotional music video. Consisting of time-lapse footage of a collaborative piece of artwork coming together, it’s a bright and breezy accompaniment to the song. Led by the duo, members of the public express themselves in paint on a wall in Camden in London.

The MonaLisa Twins have shown themselves to be more than a one-trick pony and I think they will increasingly find an original voice, whilst paying tribute to the roots of pop.

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