The Sky is the Limit for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes and seats between 210 and 290 passengers. Boeing claims that it is the company’s most fuel efficient plane.

The design of the Dreamliner sets it apart from other planes on the market. It features 50% composite materials, 20% aluminium materials, 15% titanium, 10% steel and 5% other materials. The wing and tail edges are made from aluminium whilst titanium is used on the engines.

Added efficiency is contributed with new electrical architecture instead of bleed air and hydraulic power sources. Using electrically powered compressors and pumps means the 787 eliminates pneumatics and hydraulics from engine starters and brakes.

A wing ice protection system has also been introduced. It uses electro-thermal heater mats on the wings instead of hot bleed air thus improving the quality of the aircraft during turbulence.

The Dreamliner is made up of around 32, 000 kg of carbon fibre reinforced plastic which is made with 23 tons of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre has an increased strength-to-weight ratio than materials that are used on traditional aircrafts. This in turn helps make the 787 a much lighter aircraft.

The interior is something that Boeing is proud of. They have tried to ensure as much passenger comfort as possible, and have attempted to improve the experience for passengers. The interior cabin width is about 18 feet, which is 15 inches more than the cabin width of the Airbus A330 and A340.

The interior of the new Boeing Dreamliner 787

People with disabilities are also able to manoeuvere around the aircraft as new features designed by Boeing engineers allow these passengers to access parts of the aircraft easily. The centre wall of the on-board toilets can be adjusted so that the two toilets can become one that is accessible for wheelchair users.

First class in the Dreamliner

The cabin windows on the 787 also cover a larger surface area than other cabin windows on other aircrafts. Specialised auto-diming glass is used instead of window shades, which means glare is reduced but passengers are still able to take in the views without having to shut the outside world out. Instead of bulbs, the aircraft uses LEDs in three colours with a combination of 128 colours throughout.

Beds for the cabin crew

Adding to the comfort for its passengers, the 787 Dreamliner also boasts an internal cabin pressure to the equivalent of 6, 000 feet. This is provided by electrically driven compressors compared to the engine-bleed air used on traditional models which means the need to cool the air before it hits the cabin is eliminated.

A truly stunning aircraft, one that apparently flies very well and ensures the best possible comfort for its passengers.