The Silk Map (a soldier’s tale)

Your heart is like a silk map,

Of the sort used by soldiers

Behind enemy lines.

No folds.

No creases.

No mark of any kind,

So no one knows your intentions

Or what you’ve left behind.

Neither friends nor enemies are identified.


You travel light, leaving no trace.

Footprints are blown away on the wind.

I wish to follow but cannot keep pace,

It is the heartless viagra canada leading the blind.


Storms and sunsets built on sand,

Leaving no impression,

Move quickly over borders with no name.

Lost and hungry and with no direction,

The wolves are happy that I came.


The fire I lit under your facade

Soon turned to ashes in your hand.

I gently roll our love away and pocket the remains.

No folds.

No creases.

No mark of any kind.