The Modern Girl

Appearances are everything, or are they?
I’m the girl that doesn’t care about what people think about me. If you don’t like me that’s your problem not mine. However, to a certain extent can anyone not care that much? I was putting on my make-up this morning when my other half says to me ‘we are only going to the farm shop and your dad’s.’ This makes me think… What if I see someone I know? I can’t be seen looking like I have just rolled out of bed hanging from the night before. Now I have really contradicted myself.
I don’t care what people think but I care about appearances. Does this even make sense? Probably not. It makes me wonder, is this me thinking? Or is it the way the world has taught me to think? After all, in today’s society it’s all about how you look and what you wear isn’t it? Does anyone have their own thoughts any more, or do we think things we are made to think because society tells us it’s right? Take the catwalk for instance; we see all these beautiful models and are left thinking we need to be as skinny as them to look good in clothes. This is when the eating disorders come into play and before we know it we are all playing a role within the same vicious circle. Gone are the days when someone got something on merit and not just because they are hot!
The problem is that it is everywhere now, it’s even in the gym when you go for a work out. Whilst I’m there sweating away my make-up, the girl next to me has caked it on so thick that it really won’t be going anywhere. I’m in my baggy trackies and t-shirt whilst she is in skin tight leggings and a sports bra. Now that is what I call OTT, but heaven forbid she get seen by a cute guy with make-up running down her face. Are we really this vain or is this still society telling us this is the way we should be?
The more I think about this the more I want to pick these girls up and shake some sense into them. It’s time to take a stand. Girls we are beautiful in the ways and shapes we come. You don’t need the next fad diet or extra make-up. People love you for who you are inside not what you look like. So next time you run for the mascara, stop! Take a look in the mirror and think about the things you like about your appearance and personality and help them shine through on a daily basis. After all, when you take away all the so-called important things, does anyone really care if your hair is out of place or if you’re not wearing the latest designs? I doubt it!