The Lockhearts Unlock the Power

How to make the ‘performing to camera’ video more interesting? Day-glo colours! Mashing up  60’s psychedelic  colours  with 80’s style rock,  The Lockhearts present their Freakshow track (released 25th October 2013)  in an entertaining debut video with lots of tricksy fluorescent lighting effects popping out of the darkness. Bikini-clad babes also make an appearance, but it’s done quite tastefully for once. Feature film director, Tanzeal Rahim has brought fresh thinking  to the classic performing band, promotional video. With a catchy chorus, stonking good guitar solo and lots of energy driving the whole thing along, Freakshow is a radio-friendly and car stereo-friendly song, which can only be helped casino online by more people being aware of it through this  video. This kind of sing-along rock will never go away.

Hailing from Sydney, the quartet has been likened to Cheap Trick and the Foo Fighters. They are Tim Meaco on lead vocals and guitar, Jameel Majam on bass guitar, Age Vella on lead guitar and Brenton James on drums. They’re a hit on MTV, with Freakshow having peaked at Number 2 on the MTV Hits Chart.

The future looks busy for The Lockhearts, with plans for more recording and for extensive tours. Long hair. Tight trousers. Powerhouse rock. Arenas get ready. They may just blow your roofs off.

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