The Coming Finale of “Breaking Bad”

The ways in which people watch television shows and films have changed in recent years, with increasing focus on “binge” consumption of content on Internet streaming services. Really, it makes a great deal of sense, given the quality of home entertainment systems these days. Take a look at and you’ll find a range of television and audio options that will take your breath away. This, coupled with the fact that you can find nearly limitless film and TV content at and similar streaming sites, and the appeal is obvious: why watch live television or go to the cinema when you can watch as many episodes or films as you want, in HD quality, at home?
For the most part, it seems as if there’s no going back from this shift in how we consume entertainment. However, every now and then a special film or TV series will still come along that simply demands to be watched in the “old school” way. Along those lines, AMC’s Breaking Bad has become the ultimate example of a modern show that people simply can’t wait for. Referred to by an increasing number of fans and critics as arguably the greatest show of all time, Breaking Bad is now in the midst of its final eight-episode run, and the drama is so high that you simply have to tune in week after week, rather than wait to binge watch online at a later date. But, if the suspense is killing you, here are some theories as to what we might see in the final episodes.

Heisenberg Wins
It’s important that this theory states that Heisenberg wins rather than Walt. It’s certainly possible that the indomitable Heisenberg takes over completely, killing everyone in his way, forsaking his family, taking his considerable cash, and setting out alone. He would, in a sense, have destroyed Walt in a classic “dark side” win.

Jesse Rights Wrongs
Jesse’s guilt is bubbling over this season, and one popular theory is that he rights wrongs to the extent that he can. This would involve killing or turning in Walt, abandoning Saul, and likely finding some noble purpose for the millions of dollars the meth empire has earned.

Hank Wins
In this scenario, Walt and Jesse don’t have choices – Hank and the law would win out, and the bad guys end up in jail.

Everybody Dies
This is looking increasingly possible. Tensions are just too high for many of our main characters to remain alive – a final episode or two showdown could see just about everyone we care about end up in body bags.

Walt Wins
The flipside of the first theory, Walt could still overcome his dark side. He could turn himself in (likely, if this happens, out of a desire to help Jesse or save his soul), give up his money, and either die from his cancer as a better man, or serve out his days in prison, preventing more bloodshed.

Considering those options, it seems like one of them will have to be at least partially what happens. But if you’ve been watching the final half season so far, you know that the folks behind Breaking Bad are still fully capable of surprising us, and the truth is the final season so far has spent more time building suspense than resolving plot lines. Ultimately, all we know is this: we’re in for one hell of a finale.