The Best Coffee in Town

Like a good many of us, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee – straight up black, with milk or cream, latte, cappuccino, espresso – they all work for me depending on my mood and/or the time of day. Until recently though, I’d had to head out to my favourite shop in town in order to really find a satisfying cup (instant coffee being anathema to the true coffee lover), and even then, it was a bit hit and miss and seemed to depend on the barista on duty and certain other factors that I could never quite put my finger on. Sometimes my drink would taste bitter, too strong, not strong enough, too watery etc and often a cappuccino or latte would be far removed from what it should be. A good coffee is a thing of beauty and we can all probably recall a time when we’ve had the perfect cup; it sticks in the memory like a great meal or a superb bottle of wine.

How pleased was I then to be discover Nespresso Magimix coffee machines via a friend who had recently purchased one. My goodness, what a revelation! A wonderful cup of coffee every time and all without the need to step out in the rain and pay £2 or more for a drink that may or may not disappoint. Of course, the machine itself is a bit of an outlay (£200 give or take) but if you’re serious about your coffee, I tell you, it’s money well spent. Looks great on the kitchen counter too. Fill the machine’s tank with water, pop in the capsule of your choice, push a button and ‘Voila!’, a great cup of coffee is yours in the time it takes to get the milk out of the fridge. You want a cappuccino or latte? No problem. Just pour some milk into the heated frother, push another button and whizz it up to your desired frothiness. What could be simpler?

The range of coffees available is amazing too and whether your preference is for an intense espresso shot or a mild and aromatic latte, you’re sure to find a blend that will satisfy. I never really appreciated the subtle yet unmistakable variations in the different beans and the way they are prepared and roasted. The complexities of the coffee they make are as apparent as those in any fine quality beverage, be it wine, whiskey or even tea. And price-wise, compared to one of the high street coffee shops, a machine makes great fiscal sense too. Consider purchasing a coffee every day of the week for a year from say, Costa – that’s going to set you back over £700! In those terms, purchasing a machine of your own and enjoying cups that cost less than 50pence each sounds like good sense. Yes, I realise I’m omitting the social aspect – that is, of getting together with friends and catching up over coffee and croissants (who doesn’t enjoy that?), but aside from that, if you wish you could drink barista-standard coffee at home then, take my word for it, a Nespresso machine would be a worthwhile addition to your kitchen. Just don’t complain when your coffee-drinking friends start coming round more.