People will always believe the rumours, People will always believe the lies, Take comfort that your true friends will know the truth, Get on with your life and always smile, Do not ever let the people get you down, Your better than them for ignoring it, They won’t ask for truth as they just care(…)

~  Today  ~

~ Today ~

Petrol prices just dont stop soaring, Taxes continue getting higher and higher, Frankly the way the country is run is getting boring, Will we ever make enough money to retire? What is it our govournment expects from us? To pay for their expensive lifestyle, The way to earn the cash is to be genious, To(…)

I Thought I Saw

Do you remember where you were, when you heard the news of John Lennon’s murder or the death of Elvis or Kurt Cobain? We are all meant to remember, where we were, when we hear of the passing of our heroes. And then, as the following poem illustrates, we see them … everywhere. And we(…)

The Silk Map (a soldier’s tale)

Your heart is like a silk map, Of the sort used by soldiers Behind enemy lines. No folds. No creases. No mark of any kind, So no one knows your intentions Or what you’ve left behind. Neither friends nor enemies are identified. viagra generic now   You travel light, leaving no trace. Footprints are blown(…)


Virginia Woolf  1882-1941   You went down to the river With stones in your pockets And did not intend to return. The water took you back to the womb And all you’d asked for was a room Of your own And some quiet, No demons, Words flowing on the page.   Stones in your pockets(…)