Superstars Review: April 26th 2012

Welcome to the first ever Superstars review! My reviews I do with a personal twist and character evaluations; please bear in mind this is also my first attempt at writing a review so please be patient! So welcome to this week’s Superstars review! On Superstars this week we saw The Usos vs Hunico and Camacho, Kelly Kelly vs Maxine and The Miz vs Alex Riley.

Match #1 – The Usos vs Hunico and Camacho

Where to start with this match….same old Superstars is all I have to say! Granted we finally saw some personality from The Usos this week but as for Hunico and Camacho it’s just silly! It’s like they don’t even care how Superstars comes off! Anyways down to the match: it was back and forth and the finale came when one tagged in another on a hot tag. Uso got a Hunico in a pin but was split up by Camacho causing the other Uso to get involved and get launched in the air by Hunico. As the ref was attending to one Uso the other rolled up Hunico for the pin, only Camacho had gotten back in the ring and kicked the Uso of the pin behind the ref’s back to cheat, therefore allowing Hunico to get the pin!  I think if given the right amount of air time and letting their personalities come through the Usos could be great!

Match rating: **

Match #2 – Kelly Kelly vs Maxine

The match started off as Kelly getting the upper hand starting off strong, and then we saw the reigns handed to Maxine to lead the match. Midway through we saw a lot of botching, it amazes me how a veteran Diva of five years in the company can still get her moves, other people’s moves and acting so wrong.  Maxine, who is only a Diva of a year or less, can do better, which leads me to my next vital point. Anyone who watches NXT will know Maxine is impressive for a rookie Diva, she has a great future ahead of her in WWE, but in this match they made her look stupid to put over Kelly Kelly. In my book this didn’t work they could put Kelly Kelly against the best e.g. Lita and she would still not look good on TV – wrestling wise anyway.  After the incredible botching scene by Kelly Kelly we see her hit her finisher on Maxine for the 1-2-3. Pretty poor match overall.

Match rating: *

Match #3 – The Miz vs Alex Riley

We started off with Miz tormenting Riley which then led into a test of strength which Miz won. We then saw some back and forth action until Alex Riley got some heat. When we started to see A-Ry getting the better of The Miz, we could clearly see in this section how much A-Ry has improved significantly! Every time we see him he’s looking more and more like a future big star! We then go into Miz repeatedly stomping on A-Ry like a child spitting out its dummy – perfect. Then we are back to back and forth action with an impressive kick to the head from A-Ry! A-Ry slid out of the ring for a breather and as Miz walked across the ring to come after him A-Ry catches him off guard from the outside to get the upper hand briefly.

Miz got straight back up and returned the favour to regain the upper hand!  Seems as though Miz has found a new method of torture: O….stretching your opponent’s hands…yeah…I don’t think that’s going to take off as a new trend! We saw some more back and forth action with Miz going up top and A-Ry slicing his arm across Miz in mid- air. Miz recovers and we see yet more back and forth action finally ending in Miz hitting his skull-crushing finale for the 1-2-3! Personally I felt this match was far too long for Superstars, however overall the match was good – these two really do work well together!

Match rating: ***