Samsung Takes a Swipe at Apple (& Users)

Samsung isn’t known for being the most respectable company, or one that oozes integrity, so it comes as no surprise to see the following video came from Samsung rather than another smartphone vendor. Opinions on whether it’s right or wrong though, it has to be handed to the Korean company – it has found a nail and hit it on the head. Samsung isn’t much of an innovator in the mobile space, preferring to load its devices with unnecessary specs (anything to make Android lag less though, right?) and market them on that. However, each year Apple comes out and announces a device that ignores the industry standards, shuns compliancy with existing technologies, and lacks features. From day one the iPhone lacked something as simple as 3G connectivity; the 4S launch brought remarks of “the iPhone 5 will have the big features next year” and the iPhone 5 came out with a slightly bigger screen, sub-par maps, and panoramic picture shooting. No NFC, no improvements to the screen’s visibility outdoors, no microUSB, and so on. Once again, iPhone users are left waiting another year in the hope of getting a genuinely new, innovative feature.