Order Pizza…From a Fridge Magnet

If you thought being able to order a Domino’s pizza online or through an app was an impressive new way to get food, then Red Tomato Pizza‘s idea will floor you. Forget your computer or your smartphone, because this company lets you order your favourite pizza by simply pushing a button. On a magnet.

Unfortunately this is something only residents of Dubai can enjoy, but we may see the invention make its way to Europe in the future. The user creates an account online and says their favourite pizza, which is then linked to the account (and presumably can be changed whenever you decide you’re bored of a particular pizza). The magnet syncs, through Bluetooth, to the user’s smartphone, and when the magnet (shaped like a pizza box) is pressed, the pizza is ordered. A text message is received shortly after as confirmation, and accidental presses can be cancelled by sending a quick SMS to the company.

To help raise awareness of its new marvel, Red Tomato Pizza has released two videos. One of which is a straightforward informational advert to explain how it all works. The other, more entertaining one, can be seen below: