News in Briefs 10/06/12

One story has dominated the news this week: Syria. So that means we had to dig under the media hype to find some other story to find some good content this week. The only thing I’m thankful for is that the Leveson Inquiry stayed away. Seriously, when does that damn thing end?

Political Oops of the Week

There’s only one winner this week. It has to be Syria. Ok so we’ve now had another Syrian massacre. Unsurprisingly, the government blamed armed terrorists for the plot, when really they should have been referring to themselves. However, this is not about the fact that we’ve seen another massacre, it’s everybody else’s attitude to it.

The UN once again demonstrated how inept it is by refusing to actually do anything more than monitor the situation and send the Syrian government angry letters. The only reason that they are not doing anything is because China and Russia don’t want to lose one of their major allies in the region. So why don’t they just do it anyway? Since when has the US cared about things like international law or doing what somebody else tells it to do? If the US decides to go into Syria then Europe will follow. What do they think is going to happen? Russia and China won’t start a war with the West over this. All they will do is send some angry letters.

Yes, China and Russia have massive armies but they’re inferior to the armies of the West. They know that and so does the West, and that’s why they won’t go to war over this. If they truly care about the Syrian massacre or anything else then they will grow some testicles and get in there. You can’t just join in as and when you feel like it, in the same way as they did in Libya. The UN really is like the old League of Nations organisation.

Syrian massacre

And before some smart-arse tries to tell me that this is a different Syrian massacre, I know.

The Painful…

For some painful news it has to be the racism storm circling the Euros. According to Dutch captain Van Bommel and a number of other players, there were monkey chants coming from the stands as they trained in front of a crowd of over 20,000 in Krakow. The painful thing is that some people in those countries were obviously dropped on their heads at birth. I’m especially surprised at Poland as you would think that after the Holocaust they would have had enough of racist views in society.

To make things even worse UEFA initially denied that there was a racism storm at all. They actually denied that any racism had occurred and that it must be the supporters voicing their displeasure at the fact that Krakow didn’t get any major Euro 2012 games. Now, although I can understand why such a major city would be upset, I don’t recall monkey chanting acting as a form of protest. But UEFA just made things worse when later on they admitted that it did happen and they were going to look further into it. So in other words nothing is going to happen at all.

…And the Pointless

Did you watch the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the River Thames on Sunday? I did and I have to say what a massive disappointment it really was. I would have thought that the BBC would have tried to capture the essence of the event and explain actually what some of the boats were. Instead we got a load of airhead reporters talking to lots of irrelevant people watching it. It’s ok to talk to a few of them but why all the time? There’s nothing that they could possibly say that particularly adds to the coverage, and we were proved right.

“How do you feel, random bystander?”
“I’m so happy to be here, I camped out all night…blah…blah…blah.”
“Great, that means a whole lot to the people at home.”

Yes, we get it, some people are obsessive.

The reporters obviously had no idea what they were doing. They knew nothing about the boats or the history of them. In fact, the smartest person who appeared was an expert on London, and he only appeared for a few minutes. Either most people are now at the pinnacle of human stupidity as to warrant such dribble or the BBC thinks that people are now at the pinnacle of human stupidity. I’m not sure which one is right, however I do hope for the sake of the country that it’s the latter.

Queen Elizabeth

That about sums it up.

Although the Diamond Jubilee pageant did fizzle out about half way through as the Queen clearly became bored, it would have been better if we actually had some entertaining coverage. What shocks me is that all the people involved were praised by the company for their hard work and world class reporting.

The So Outrageous that it’s Borderline Hilarious

Have you heard about the Golden Dawn (Greek Nazi party) member who punched a communist politician on live TV this week? Well if you haven’t then to sum it all up the female communist politicians brought up the fact that he was accused of an armed bank robbery in 2007. At this he flipped, threw a glass of water over one of the women, and then gave the old one-two to the other one. I know that street thugs tend to always be street thugs but this is ridiculous.

Nazi flag

I joined Golden Dawn and all I got was this retarded swastika.

If you are a politician you have to learn to ride things out like that. Of course the women were trying to rile him by bringing that up, but that’s what politics is all about. The opposition will always try to rattle you. If you are so immature as to not be able to cope then you should go back to playschool as you are clearly not cut out for that sort of industry.

More importantly, why didn’t he simply say that he wasn’t convicted and that’s the end of the matter? He might have incredibly narrow-minded views but he’s not a convicted criminal, or at least he wasn’t until now.

Sort it out, meathead!

Anyway you never know, maybe next week won’t be so bleak and irritating after all…