N9 Apps #3: ShotMee

ShotMee is another shining example of MeeGo’s open glory. One thing many N900 users noticed on the announcement of the N9 was the omission of a few neat features, like an FM transmitter and the ability to take a screenshot. While Nokia Store for MeeGo may not be crammed with half a million apps, the ones it does have tend to be important and useful, and that’s exactly what ShotMee is.

The app is a free download and is simple enough: open it, minimise it, and you take a screenshot by double-tapping the side of the phone. If you’ve ever taken a screenshot on the iPhone and found it quite frustrating having to readjust how you hold the phone and try not to let go of the power key too early, lest you lock it instead of taking a picture, you’ll appreciate the simplicity on offer here. Regardless of how you’re holding the phone, just take one hand and double-tap it on either side or bottom of the phone (the actual physical side, not the screen), and a screenshot is saved in the gallery. Tap the notification bar immediately after taking the shot and you’re able to share it or use it as wallpaper, and even set it as your avatar.

Free, easy to use, and its intuitiveness means you don’t need to find the gallery to use the photo. What more could you want?