‘Lovestruck’ – The be all and end all

All around you you will see love. In the street, on the television, at the airport or even in the cafe.  We just love to love. The way it makes us feel and think. Is there a reason that we are all addicted to love? Like a drug that is never made illegal. We just cannot seem to help ourselves. We stumble through life on the look out for that one person to complete us.

Through tears and sorrow we rise up and get back out there. Usually going through the whole damned experience again. But why do we constantly feel the need to break our own hearts time and time again. Are we genetically crafted to feel hurt until we find ‘the one’?

Whilst we all have our lives to lead and jobs to do, love will always be there. Waiting in the shadows, a constant reminder that we will one day need to hunt. Hunt for the commitment of another. Is it the be all and end all? Well yes. If we are to survive, we have to create. Whether that be in a loving relationship or not we are genetically programmed to reproduce. With that will come love. The love of a child.

Love is all around, without it in some for another we would be weak. After all in our deepest darkest moments, someone somewhere in some form loves us. A partner, child or friend. Love is the be all and end all.