Joel Has Gotta Lot of Soul

For late night music when you’re feeling mellow and the moon is up, Joel Havea is the fella you need. His five-track EP, titled Strings & Wood (released 24th May, 2014), is an acoustic set which perfectly demonstrates the singer-songwriter’s expressive vocal delivery, soulful voice and guitarist skills. Joel is an Australian, hailing from Melbourne, but lives in Hamburg, Germany. From his family background and his travelling, he has absorbed many cultures over the years.  After playing with his younger brother in the aptly named duo, The Havea Brothers, it was time for a solo career to blossom. His debut album, You Make Me Believe from 2012 was well received, and he has embarked on extensive touring throughout several countries.

Strings & Wood is designed to capture the style of Joel’s live acoustic shows. Acoustic soul is a refreshing take in the never-ending swirl of genres, and Joel’s long experience as a performer bears fruit on this casino online smooth and tight production. Contributions from other musicians on the EP put a cherry on top, whilst still allowing Joel to shine.

Going Gone is the first track, a radio-friendly song on acoustic guitar, perfect for the car system. Despite the very catchy upbeat tune, the song is about him getting away from a toxic relationship and getting on with his life. Simple Things has a slower tempo, with acoustic guitar and melancholic cello.  Going Through The Motions has a funky, R&B feel with guitar and fat keyboards. My Wings is a slow tempo song with beautifully melancholic cello again, but hopeful lyrics, plus acoustic guitar and swelling keyboards. Fading Away is another funky acoustic track, with some nice punchy double bass.

The plan is for Joel to promote the new EP on the road, including dates in America in the autumn of 2014. As well as possessing a quality voice and being an accomplished guitarist, Joel is a good-looking guy with lots of stage presence – his fan base is sure to keep on growing.