Interview with Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum

The following questions were answered by Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum who as some of you may know and for those of you who don’t; he is an independent wrestler from Scotland. We asked him on his life in wrestling and where he is planning to go with his life now that he has announced his retirement from the Industry.

Firstly, can you tell us how you first got into the wrestling business?

I grew up watching wrestling, and when others grew out of it, I didn’t. Right up till I was around 18 and I decided I was going to try and do this.

So Adrian as an independent wrestler on the England circuits, can you give us an insight into how English wrestling differs from what we see on TV and the American circuit?

I can’t really comment on this aside from the obvious. Television is a very powerful tool and can determine how people are perceived. The British Wrestling scene is no different to any other industry. You have people you like, people you don’t. People you look up to, people you wish would go away.

Haha that is quite a good way to put it! So how did you develop your own character? Is he a spin on you or are you completely different?

My character is really simple. I don’t have an obvious “gimmick” as such; I’m an all-round performer with a fairly charismatic/entertainment persona.

That’s great to hear that you can adapt to different wrestlers and their characters to be an all-rounder! We mostly see the independent guys saying their top dream is to wrestle for the WWE, with the likes of TNA and ROH more prominent in the industry today is this still the way? Or are your dreams different?

I think anyone who is in pro wrestling as an in ring performer and says they don’t aspire to be in one of those places, then they have no business being there.

So what has been your favourite match to date and why?

I’ve had way too many to mention. I have some favourite opponents including Kris Travis, Noam Dar, Joey Hayes, Andy Wild, El Ligero, Martin Kirby… So many

And who would your dream opponent be? It can be anyone past or present.

The Rock

That would be a great match! For the younger generation who are just latching onto the industry, can you give any advice to aspiring wrestlers?

Find a reputable training school. Always listen to advice, keep your feet on the ground, fear nothing, and work hard. There are no guarantees of success.

I think it’s great how grounded you are and with your advice to the younger generation. Do you have any dreams outside of the industry?

When I’m a little older, I want to have a family.

Who currently in the industry do you look up to or as a fan follow?

Again, there is too many to mention. My all-time hero is the Rock but I’ve had several influences over the years.

The Rock certainly did establish himself as a big influence on aspiring wrestlers of the future, as a fellow fan myself I think it’s only right when aspiring wrestlers look up to him. Outside of the industry what are some of your hobbies? Follow any sports such as Football or Formula 1?

Nope. Wrestling is all I know and love

Lastly, we have seen you announce your retirement a few weeks ago, so what’s next for you as a person and a character? And where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

10 years from now I’ll probably still be promoting shows, hopefully have a family and be settled down. When I retire, I won’t have a character, I’ll be done completely aside from perhaps the odd appearance if asked in a non-wrestling role.

Well we wish you all the best of luck for the future and much happiness. Thank-you for your time today in conducting this interview with us and we look forward to seeing what you do next!