How to access your psychic abilities

Today, getting a psychic reading is more popular than ever, especially as you now can have them done online, over the phone or via an email. It’s getting to be something that is as normal as having a counselling session or going for a massage, whereas it used to be more of niche activity.

Some people are very aware of their psychic sense from a young age, but they may not be sure of how to control and use it to its full potential. Others may like the idea of being more intuitive or being able to communicate with a loved one who has passed away, but believe that psychic skills are only for the gifted few.

This, however, is not true; anyone can develop and deepen their psychic abilities. It may take some people more time and practice than others, but with a little perseverance, anyone can tap into their psychic side. If you want to develop your psychic skills, try the following ideas:

Learn to meditate

Meditation” (CC BY 2.0) by  Moyan_Brenn 

In order to create some space for our psychic abilities, it’s necessary to be able to switch off from our everyday thoughts and concerns. This leaves room for our intuitive subconscious to expand and this is an essential feature of psychic development. We need a clear pathway for spiritual messages or our intuition to come through to us.

Regular meditation can help create this clear path and can create a window of opportunity for your spiritual guides to ‘speak’ to you. By having a consistent time slot for meditating, you’ll be able to focus on your psychic side then, rather than having it distract you when you have other things to focus on – such as work or getting the kids to school. There are lots of different meditation techniques, some people will need a quiet and darkened room, while others will be able to meditate in an armchair while they listen to some calming music.

Understand your energy and the energies around you

All of us give off and take in different forms of energy. Through the electro-magnetic fields that surround us, we can become the equivalent of a radio transmitter and receive and pass on psychic information. In order to develop a psychic ability, you need to understand how our energies and the energies around us work, how we can use these energies to understand the world around us. In order to improve your psychic abilities, you need to open, close and ground, and protect your energies. Grounding is a key element – and will be very useful when you feel like you can’t focus or concentrate. Try this technique to become more grounded:

centered” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  Lucy Maude Ellis 


  • Stand with feet hip width distance and arms loosely at your sides. Allow your knees to bend and sink your weight down into your feet. Rock gently to find a balanced position. Bring the focus of awareness to the balls of your feet and imagine your whole weight being there. From this point, visualise roots extending and going deep into the ground. Stay like this for a few minutes, breathing deeply and letting your body relax.

Experiment with remote viewing

Remote viewing is a form of clairvoyance. It’s the skill of being able to view something with the mind’s eye and it has been likened to an out of body experience. If someone can remote view, they can picture and describe a place that is separate from them. Psychics often use remote viewing when reading for a client. For example, if someone asks if they will move house, a psychic could describe the location, look and feel of the house that their client will move to via remote viewing.

Remote viewing is something we can all do, if we tap into our psychic abilities. You can practise and develop your remote viewing skills by pairing up with a friend.

  • One of you (the ‘sender’) thinks of a place and writes it down. To begin developing your skills, choosing a local place will help. The sender then focuses on what the place would look, smell and feel like. At the same time, in another room, the other person (the ‘viewer’) should sit quietly in another room and try to empty their mind. Then the sender should pass information telepathically to the viewer, but only in a non-verbal way. The viewer should write down or draw the images they receive and when ready, close off their mind and relax. The viewer can then share with the sender what they saw and see if they have identified the correct location.

Remote viewing is not something you’ll be able to do immediately, but just practising the skill can be quite a lot of fun, and you’ll gradually become more accustomed to interpreting the psychic messages you’re receiving.

Of course, remote viewing is just one type of psychic skill, but it’s a great one to make a start with if you want to develop the psychic within you.