Gabriel Blows the Walls Down

Gabriel Olteanu put together his first EP (released December, 2013), simply titled Gabriel Olteanu EP, in collaboration with three fellow musicians. Whether you remember 1980’s rock the first time around or you’re discovering it for the first time, this kind of hard rock with a metal edge has always had a loyal fan base.

This release is head banging, legs akimbo stuff – with the amps turned all the way up to 11; you get the picture. Hard rock/metal was always made to be heard live or loud or both. Listening to this conjures up an image of long hair waving from the blast of a wind machine…alas, Gabriel’s picture shows a good-looking man, but one with short hair. This 21st century departure notwithstanding, lovers of this genre will play along on air guitar to their heart’s content to the three tracks here.

This recording features Gabriel on lead and rhythm guitar along with guest performers, Franco V on lead vocals, Kevin Jardine on bass, and drummer, Peter Tzaferis. Jardine and Tzaferis are known for their work in Canadian nu-metal band, Slaves on Dope whilst Franco V is known for the Chicago hard rock band, Beneath Me. Gabriel Olteanu wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics along with Franco V. Kevin Jardine also produced the three songs.

On the cover, a forlorn-looking guitar lies in the middle of the highway, leading to a futuristic cityscape. Starting with a blasting riff, track one is My Desire, the most melodic and my favourite of the three. This is followed by I Want It All and then Homeless Nights. All share the 80’s zeitgeist, swaying sing-along choruses and guitar solos.

Romanian-born, Gabriel Olteanu is now based in Montreal. He taught himself how to play when he was given his first guitar at age 14. An accomplished guitarist, he weaves melodic lines into his hard rock/metal style. Listening to Queen when he was a teenager was a good beginning. These tracks are not innovative or tricksy and they don’t set out to be. If you have a chunk of metal in your soul – you’ll like this.

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