Find Your Funky Groove with Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy

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Shining On is an 8-track release (released 19th October 2013) from a collective named Ron Littlejohn & The Funk Embassy. This is funk/soul, old school style and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. If you have funk flowing through your bloodstream, this will get you moving at parties, strutting round your neighbourhood or slapping the wheel on long car drives. Nostalgia from the 1970s comes in waves for the generation that remembers and younger listeners will appreciate its roots fusions. Collaborations should bring the best out of everyone involved and this blending of Toronto and Montreal-based musicians hits just the right groove, with sweet vocals, instrumentation and arrangements.

In addition to Ron Littlejohn on vocals, Alana Bridgewater lends her strong vocal delivery. Ten musicians and two DJs on turntables are also part of the collective. This includes Thierry Matrat on keyboards, who also produced the EP and shared most of the song writing duties with Ron. Thierry had forged a hip-hop career in France before co-founding this project with Ron Littlejohn. Ron comes with very good credentials, having opened for War, Bettye Lavette and the legendary James Brown.

In a similar vein to Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes, these tracks groove along, supplemented by some welcome jazz and blues to mix it up, plus some effective contemporary turntable magic. Lyrics are often of the “I’m a bad man and getting into trouble” variety.

A sweet jazz trumpet introduces us to the title track, Shining On. Ron got his inspiration for this song when he was waiting for his daughter to be born. Ron Littlejohn and Alana Bridgewater share the vocals and there’s some funky guitar work. Seems Like Yesterday conjures up 70’s flares and Afros, with turntable effects and a “sermon”-like rap adding another layer. Light Me Up is next, with Ron and Alana on vocals, bringing us online casino dgfev get down and dirty lyrics in true James Brown fashion. A funky horn section and keyboards help to drive it along. Soul Devotion slows the tempo down, with lyrics that are more romantic. Ron’s vocal here reminded me of Al Green.

Cream #9 is all about getting into trouble with a certain naughty Linda Lou, with neat work on the turntables amongst the funk. The green mist of jealousy descends on My Magination, melding soul and jazz trumpet. The flute and a reference to Haight Ashbury give A Day in San Francisco a hippie vibe. Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles also get a nostalgic mention. Bluesy harmonica and funky keyboards make the final track, Emma Lee, my favourite. Its blues quality and evocative lyrics stay in the mind.

The coming together of different musicians to work on music they’re passionate about is a no prescription kamagra overnight if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link129″).style.display=”none”;} beautiful thing to hear. These artists are not chasing after the latest trend but paying tribute to musical and cultural traditions that have stood the test of time and gone on to influence today’s sounds.

“Seems Like Yesterday” ( and “Light Me Up” (

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