Book Review: EAT LOTS, LOSE WEIGHT – Straight talking rules for weight loss By Max Morton

In theory, weight loss is simple: eat less and workout more, but if it was as simple as that in reality then no one would have trouble losing the weight. Yet here we are, with millions of people trying to lose weight and not succeeding. Max Morton’s book tackles this problem by outlining the real idea behind weight loss. He gives you a simple explanation of what works and how to do it. And we know that it works, because he is the perfect example of his plan in action.

The book is broken up into four areas: the mind, what not to eat, what to eat and exercise. Starting with the mind is refreshing as this is the area that most people forget to cover. If your mind isn’t 100% committed to losing weight then you simply won’t be successful and by starting his book with this fact Morton is teaching his readers that they are ultimately in control of their bodies. Focus on your goals and the reason you want to lose weight, then get your body to commit.

Although the ideas in this book are similar to those in many others, Morton lays them out clearly, without any additional babble that can distract from the facts. Don’t eat high calorie fatty foods, do eat high protein, healthy meals. This is a book for people who want the answer in a simple format. What should I avoid? What foods are best for weight loss? How much should I exercise? Each answer is given a very brief explanation, but ultimately this is a book of answers.

Morton could have easily fleshed this book out, giving the full story of his weight loss journey, in-depth explanations of how to burn fat and how foods are digested, but all of this would only have served as a distraction from the real tools of weight loss. Eat Lots, Lose Weight is a book that people can go back to, reread the basic concepts and refocus their minds when things get tough.