Do The Boston Boys Satisfy?

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So called because they came together whilst attending college in Boston, The Boston Boys are described as exponents of electric bluegrass, folk rock and other genres.

Having toured in many different countries, no doubt they have soaked up many different cultural influences. They have been compared to the likes of Mumford & Sons and Wilco, so I was keen to listen to their 5-track EP, titled Keep You Satisfied (released in October 2013); besides, I’m a sucker for a bit of fiddle and mandolin.

This is their second EP, in fact, and it starts with an upbeat, folk rock blend called Satisfied, containing some sweet slide guitar in what turns out to be my favourite track. This is followed by the slower Amelia, about a night in the city, yearning for the eponymous girl of the title.

Endless Creation is a bit of a mishmash and lacks focus. Its experimentation with different sounds and tempos didn’t really work for me. I thought it was kinda clumsy and not very satisfying. Honeycomb has some bluegrass instrumentation mixed with a soulful vocal. Again, viagra pill it’s an unusual mix and I think will take a few plays to get used to. Finally, Take Me Under is a pleasing, uncomplicated folkie ballad.

Sometimes, they bring too much to the table. It doesn’t always work, but full marks for the attempt to do something different. I think they work best when they’re not trying to innovate so much. A work in progress, then, this band has great potential. This latest offering is produced by the band and perhaps it needed another producer in the studio to bring a bit of discipline and focus. As with most bands in the folk rock tradition, they look like a good band to see live.

A visual teaser is on Youtube: (Preview) and their “Hypnotized” video can be seen here: (Preview)

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Satisfied EP Teaser – (Preview) Hypnotized – (Preview) Wish I Knew How Tt Would Feel To Be Free – (Preview) Tuk Tuk live – (Preview)
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