Close Encounters with Alien Beats

Aliens and androids feature prominently on this six-track EP from EDM/Dubstep artist and producer, Eluusif.  It comes as no surprise that his biography presents an alter ego from another planet, although currently residing in London. All the pictures I have seen of him, including the cover of this latest release, show a rather sinister figure, wearing dark glasses and a face mask.

Released on 8th April, 2014, Aliens Do It Better is a self-produced record which fans of Krewella, Xilent, Nicky Romero, and Zedd are recommended to check out. Respected music blogs have been positive about Eluusif’s output, with intriguing promotional videos supporting the cause.

So, we have six blasts of electronica with vocals, mostly female and some male, launching with Hair Like Skrillex (featuring Adorah Johnson). Sounding like a Disney song interpreted by a Japanese pop act, it references the notorious haircut known as Skrillex. If you haven’t heard the word before, you will have seen photographs of celebrities who have adopted the style, defined by one shaven section of the head. The term originates from Skrillex, the DJ/Producer. This is actually a song about love, so the introduction of someone demanding hair like Skrillex is pleasingly surreal.

Talking of celebrities, Justin Bieber Is An Android is the next track. Eluusif claims that this song is not an insult to The Bieber, but rather a compliment, as androids are admired on his planet. Well, okay then. Oh, my god; does this mean there could be more Biebers rolling off the conveyor belt? Putting that alarming thought aside, punchy beats complement the robotic message. Reference is made to the fact that he drives the girls wild. Oh, yes.

The sentiments on  No, I  Don’t Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend will resonate with the thousands of people who have periodically shouted at their screen, no, I don’t wanna be your Facebook friend, I don’t wanna follow you on Twitter, no, I don’t want to see your f*****g video. These wonderfully brutal lyrics also rhyme ‘Twitter’ with ‘shitter’. How cathartic is that? A fun track with catchy, whoosh whoosh hooks and a vocal that sounds rather posh. And posh people swearing always sounds funny.

You Should Be Mine (Rework) is a more conventional pop offering, with a lighter vocal and instrumentation. I don’t like this one as much as the others, but it would please a dance crowd. I Need An Alien Tonight sounds like a track produced in Area 51. All the little green dudes get down. You Should Be Mine (Craniel Daig Mix) is the alternate version of track 4. Craniel Daig? An anagram of Daniel Craig – and why not. It’s been shaken and stirred into more of a dance track and I prefer the extra oomph.

Eluusif has carved out his own part of the universe with inventive ideas and layered production, and he’s not as sinister as he looks. Close encounters are recommended.