Christmas – Likes and Dislikes!

What I Don’t Like

Carol singers who only sing a verse and a half and then start banging on the door to demand money.

People who only go to church, once a year, at Christmastime because “the church looks so nice at this time of year”.

Finding myself in a supermarket on Christmas Eve, getting squeezed in the crammed aisles and having to pass jars of cranberry sauce down the line of stressed out shoppers.

Being forced to wear a paper hat.

Someone asking for the one drink I forgot to get in.

Not one decent film on TV that I haven’t seen before.

Office parties. Poor food and poor conversation; so much forced jollity and no one wants to be there.

People who shake presents vigorously, as if that will make them give up their secrets.

Men who only cook once a year, on Christmas Day and think they deserve a medal.

Running out of room in the fridge.

What I Like

Playing with Lego / trains / shiny red fire trucks with small children who don’t mind me playing with them.

The smell of a real Christmas tree.

Lying on the sofa munching mince mobile casino pies and drinking mulled wine in front of an open fire.

Watching someone else do heaps of washing up after Christmas dinner.

Hearing The Pogues on the radio and their Christmas classic, Fairytale of New York, knowing that lots of people have never bothered to actually listen to the lyrics.

Listening to Christmas carols (even though I’m an atheist and, of course, I don’t join in).

Bread sauce (okay; that’s a weird one).

Watching someone’s kid play with the box after opening a very expensive toy.

Christmas pudding and custard (or rum sauce or brandy sauce).


Jesus (even though I’m an atheist – he was pretty cool).

Reading about the World War I Christmas truce when both sides dropped their guns and played football on Christmas Day.

Woolly jumpers with reindeer on, or snowflakes or Santa.

Eating up Christmas leftovers for an entire week (this means minimal cooking required).

So, what do you like / dislike about Christmas? Come on, let’s start a national debate!