Bridie Jackson & The Arbour Release Their Debut Single: A Review

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Genre: Alt. Folk / Acoustic but wonderfully hard to define

Digital Download and CD

Double A Side:
All You Love Is All You Are

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour are:

Bridie Jackson
Rachel Cross
Jenny Nendick
Carol Bowden

Following their first album release, titled Bitter Lullabies, in January 2012, the band toured extensively up and down the land. Now, their debut single for their new label Debt Records is to be released on February 11th, 2013. The artwork for the CD is like a page from a dark fairy tale, inviting us to delve further.

So, let’s look at Scarecrow first. Penned by Louis Barabbas (of Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six), it’s a Gothic tale with a surreal twist, told from the grave, with poetically elegant lyrics telling the tragic story of a bride-to-be dying the day before her wedding day .The juxtaposition of the dark lyrics and the purity inherent in Bridie’s voice is a beguiling contrast.

It drips sadness and longing and after a few plays, it got under my skin, whereas All You Love Is All You canada pharmacy Are is instant bliss. Bridie’s voice manages to blend joy and wistfulness into something wholly new . . . well, I simply don’t have a word for it.

This second track is a reworking of the version that appears on Bitter Lullabies and is written by Bridie, as is the entire Bitter Lullabies album (with the exception of lyrics for one song). It’s one of the standout tracks on the album, I think, so it’s good to see it on the single. This new version sounds, perhaps, even more assured. Intricate harmonies hang in the air and glide to a soft landing whilst cellist, Jenny Nendick and violinist, Rachel Cross pull every last drop of emotion from their instruments.

Roll on the release date. I’m sure this single release will expand their ever-growing fan base. They’ve earned it.

To stream or download the tracks, click here.