Breaking News: Divas Title match added to Sunday’s EXTREME RULES!

Just announced this evening is a Divas Title rematch this Sunday at Extreme Rules!  This week on Raw a Divas Title match took place which saw Nikki Bella take the Divas Title from Beth Phoenix. Many of us wrestling fans didn’t expect her to be given the title! If the Diva Division wasn’t bad enough now it’s just a joke. From a business point of view I understand that one twin had it so the other rightfully should be given the shot. However, I believe neither should have been given the title.  Even more so to defeat Beth Phoenix!

Either way, Nikki did win the title by an injury to Beth Phoenix. When Beth was seen jumping of the ring  she appeared to have injured her calf or ankle. Beth was seen considerably upset after the incident and sold the angle well. Most fans I’m sure would agree that it seemed legitimate and was surprised to hear it was in fact a work. One can only hope this storyline is leading somewhere good! With the twins rumoured to be leaving the company next week one would be interested to see how this plays out. My personal prediction is a Kharma return this Sunday.  Do you agree that Nikki should be the Divas Champion?  Do you agree with a Kharma return? Or just have something different to say on the matter? Then let me know in your comments below!