Book Review: Kiss the Sky – DC Gallin

Kiss the Sky is the story of three beautiful young women learning to be true to themselves in the drug-infused haze of London in the 90s. Claudia, the heroine of the book, is an impulsive artist determined to carve her own path in life using anything and everything to inspire her painting. She is joined by Paloma and Q and together the three women learn to embrace the London buzz through their creative instincts and sexual freedom.

Gallin’s novel is more of an experience than a bedtime read and with each twist of fate that Claudia faces you are drawn further in. Written in the first person from Claudia’s perspective, there is something very honest and real about the narrative. Kiss the Sky is the perfect insight into the creative mind with no detail spared. We are given everything from beauty regimes to the birthing experience and it is all linked back into her art.

Many reviews have suggested that Gallin has the marvellous ability of transporting people right back to this time of hidden raves and psychedelics, but for a child of the 90s such as myself who has grown up in a very different world, Gallin creates a vision that I can just as easily relate to and be inspired by. The sex is raw and free and yet the consequences are painfully real. It can work as both an inspiration and a lesson learned.

This is a story that goes beyond portraying the wild parties, copious drugs and sex with strangers and Gallin portrays the true conversation of the 90s. Everyone is desperate to make a difference and the dole is ‘today’s patron of the arts’.  This is a novel that is greatly needed in today’s society as it teaches the reader of a world without money, where happiness is still accessible and creativity is more satisfying than a year of one night stands. In the words of Claudia’s father: ‘Why so much luggage for a journey so short?’

The drugs are enlightening, the sex is arousing and the friendships are ever-lasting. I’m really keen to read her next novel, set in India, and that alone is the sign of a good writer.

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