Aurganic is a Dynamic Duo

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From Toronto/NYC, this “alternative/electronic duo” likes to experiment.

Its two members are Leo Pisaq (synths, keys, guitars and programming) and Michael Kossov (vocals, guitars, bass, keys and programming). They have been compared to Massive Attack, Incubus, Radiohead and Muse and you can hear echoes of all those bands at times throughout this album. The duo also likes to collaborate and certain artists ‘guest’ on different tracks. Titled Deviations (released 24th September, 2013), the intriguing album cover promises something cerebral and that’s what we get.

The opening track, called Choices (featuring Joel Goguen on vocals), grows on me with each play. Its promotional video consists of different narratives that mainly focus on a group of teenage friends and the choices they make, amidst peer pressure, with reference to bullying, alcohol and recreational drug taking. Erasing eyes, mouth and ears in different characters symbolises their struggle to follow their own path.

Waking Trials has interesting dark lyrics, whereas Lucid is a love song with lyrics that would stand alone as a poem. Its instrumentation doesn’t get in the way of a delicate vocal. Paradigm has a catchy tune with hopeful lyrics, contrasted by The Lost and the Found, about a relationship going sour. A jazzy bass line introduces us to this beautiful, plaintive song that builds and builds. Complex phrasing carries more poetic lyrics in Outcast.

Southbound is a long complicated track at over 7 minutes and probably the most ambitious song on the album. Deviations, the title track, is a pleasing wind down to the album – a chilled, keyboard led instrumental. These are the outstanding tracks for me; four other songs make up the track list.

Some songs may take a few plays to really get under your skin, but these two guys are well worth the effort.

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