AT&T’s 24 Hours with the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia’s Operation Rolling Thunder has now started before the launch of the Lumia 900, which will be AT&T’s “hero” device. According to the network, the advertising campaign will be bigger than anything ever before with it, bigger than even their iPhone launches. The first phase appears to be this new video by AT&T, 24 hours with the Nokia Lumia 900.



A small issue with the advert is that it doesn’t show the phone doing anything any other smartphone can do. For example, when the woman updates her status in the morning, there’s no mention that this is done without an application but rather using native functionality. Window Phone’s ethos, with social media at least, is the antithesis of Apple’s long-running mantra of “there’s an app for that”, instead Microsoft has built something that doesn’t need those apps.

On the other hand, one commentator on the video correctly acknowledges that in the advert the woman “doesn’t live in her phone like iOS and Android users. She just LIVES her life and connects with REAL people. The phone merely aids her as needed and stays in the background in quiet beauty. That’s what so many people don’t get.”

With the release of the phone imminent the technology media has provided numerous video reviews of the device, which have been uploaded at My Nokia Blog.