Arc & Stones Roll Out the Blues

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Arc & Stones is a four-man band from buy viagra in canada New York City that likes their rock on the bluesy side. Comparisons have been made to such luminaries of the genre as Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. In February of 2013, they released their debut EP with the simple title of Arc & Stones EP. Their first live show was in September of 2012 and they have gained a reputation as a good band to see live.

Containing five tracks, their EP kicks off with Silence, which instantly hooked me with its no messing rock, bluesy vocal from singer, Dan Pellarin and its sing-along chorus. It’s my favourite song out of the five. Say Goodbye follows, beginning with just vocal and piano before the rest of the band starts rocking. Let Me Down promises much with the melancholy opening notes on piano and acoustic guitar in what is a sparser contribution from the band, but I find it the least inventive track. She’s Mine takes us to what they do so well – dirty blues bubbling up from the swamps; it’s the heaviest song on the EP. Rise is the final track, a song that builds and builds, containing pleasing guitar work and a rousing chorus.

If you like your rock without frills or fuss, this is for you. There’s enough musicianship to keep you interested and it’s good to know this kind of rock is alive and well in an up and coming band.

The band is also crowdfunding their 2nd album here:
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Official Website:
Bandcamp: http://arcandstones.bandcamp
Twitter: @arcandstones
Video links:
“Let Me Down” Official Music Video –

“Say Goodbye” Official Music Video –

“Silence” Official Music Video – (Preview)
Artist contact: J.R. Rees – The Entity Inc. –
(general management)

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