Apple Maps: The Disaster (And How the Competition Fares)

For iOS6, Apple realised the importance of mapping software as part of an ecosystem and decided to ditch Google Maps in favour of its own offering. This is fine in theory, but the problem is Apple has not got the maps to a particularly useful standard before pulling the plug on Google’s. This has led to a backlash from users, and even led to TomTom, the supplier, speaking out in defence of its service so it doesn’t get caught up in the criticism.

So what’s wrong with Apple’s maps exactly? A whole new Tumblr page has been created especially to show the problems, and some images can be seen below:


A bumpy landing lays ahead

Oulu is the biggest city in Northern Finland, but iOS doesn’t know where to find it

This is Bogota, Colombia. Apparently.


Mashable also has another collection of iOS6 map photos


This is Apple’s idea of walking navigation. The red pin marks where the blue line should be going

Mumbai does actually exist.

Looks like the Brooklyn Bridge needs some structural attention.


Not missing a beat in recent months, Nokia has used this opportunity to explain how its own mapping services are the industry leaders. The new aggressive marketing from Nokia is a moment to revel in for its consumers, given the company’s reluctance in the past to hype its own innovations. In the arena of maps, Google is considered the one to beat. That may be true for mindshare, but when it comes to the most superior product, Nokia stands without peers.


Somehow, Apple is still employing its ‘reality distortion’ field and telling people that “it’s the best mapping program on any mobile platform“. The world begs to differ Apple…