An Overview of the UFC

Hi Daily Opinion readers, welcome to my sports page.This week i am going to talk about the UFC. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last ten years you will know that the ufc is the premier league of mixed martial arts. These guys fight with gloves that are so thin they just about cover the knuckles for protection.
In the early days you would have a boxer versus a karate expert, but the sport has come a long long way since then and now unless you can fight on your feet and wrestle on the ground you can forget a UFC career. The men in the cage are athletes, fighters and warriors all in one musclebound package.

THE NEXT EVENT IS UFC 144 and what a line up it has got.
Quinton (Rampage) Jackson vs Ryan Bader
What can i say about Rampage? Well if looks could win belts this guy would forever be the champion. He has a menacing stare which helped him get the role as BA in the new A Team movie and if you dig into his past you can see him fighting bare knuckle at the start of his career and see the immense power the guy has. He also knocked out Chuck liddel on arrival at the UFC, causing upset and becoming the light heavyweight champion. His opponent is younger but is going to be a very hard fight. It’s a tough one to call and i think it will go down to a points decision.

In addition to that, the lightweight belt is on the line as Frankie Edgar takes on Henderson. In my opinion Frankie is a great champion as he proved against Gray Maynard last time they fought. A true champion, i think Frankie will one day retire as an undefeated champion as his work rate and mindset are always 100 percent.

Jake Shields will take on Akiyama, both very good fighters and although the bookmakers favour Shields there is hope for Akiyama to do it. Good luck to both you guys.

In the heavyweight division Cheik Kongo will fight Mark Hunt.To me, any guy arriving at the UFC in this division should fight Cheik as he is a tough guy and a great test to any heavyweights, not forgetting the immense knockout punch he has, although we rarely see it nowadays.

In the undercard fights Okami will fight Boctsch. Okami is the more experienced so he may win but anything can happen in the steel grid. Anthony Pettis will fight Joe Lauzon; i favour Lauzon but the bookmakers are going with Pettis so it will be interesting to see.

Whatever happens guys it will be a classic as usual so let us know your opinions.


HEAVYWEIGHT – JUNIOR DEL SANTOS. He beat Cain Velasquez for the belt and next will face Alistair Overeem who is another tough guy that just arrived in the UFC but destroyed the monster Brock Lesnar to earn a shot.

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT – JON (BONES) JONES.This guy is a dangerous man. He scares opponents by approaching in a monkey-like movement across the floor. Rampage or Bader may get the shot depending on who wins at 144.

MIDDLEWEIGHT – ANDERSON SILVA. What a champ this guy is. He has had the belt many years and has beat countless warriors. He was battered by Sonnen a couple of years ago for four whole rounds; it looked like Sonnen just had to play him for the last round to win but somehow a beaten Silva submitted Sonnen with three minutes left on the clock. A true legend.

WELTERWEIGHT – GEORGE ST PIERRE. Currently in rehab for a serious injury but a great champ.

LIGHTWEIGHT – FRANKIE EDGAR. Fighting tonight to defend his title, he is such an accomplished fighter and can take punishment like no other and still get up and win.

FEATHERWEIGHT – JOSO ALDO. Another small guy but you wouldn’t want to be on the end of one of his devastating punches.

BANTAMWEIGHT – DOMINICK CRUZ. The smallest of the fighting weights but the heart of a heavyweight.

That’s the UFC guys, and when there is an event coming up i will give you an in-depth view of the fighters and who i think will win. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.
For now guys that’s me.