The Daily Opinion is like an RSS feed – consolidating news from a range of topics into one place. Each day people visit numerous sites to get their fill of information on a given topic because few cover more than subject – you may go from Engadget for tech news to the BBC for science news to Flickr to see some photography. The Daily Opinion does all that for you, so you can visit just one site to learn the latest in the worlds of politics, science and health, technology, film and music, and our columns cover the week’s news, travel and the UFC. To top it all off, we have an array of free games for you to enjoy while your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder and some stunning photography to admire – you can even purchase it and hang it on your wall. Best of all, the photos are 100% unique to The Daily Opinion, so you know your best friend hasn’t got the same one hanging on his wall too.

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