A basic introduction to Yoga.

Yoga is a philosophy that thrived in the lives of our ancient ancestors, why you ask? Because Yoga not only clears the mind and makes our body stronger, but it also has so many health benefits! Yoga combines exercise, relaxation, meditation and breathing. It plays a vital role in the Mental and Psychical realms of our bodies, which helps guide us to self-realisation. It takes into account the relationships between our body, mind and health using our movements and posture.
There is no easy way to start to learn Yoga; it’s about finding you, finding your boundaries and limits. Learning to overcome your fears and your limitations is the greatest way to build your Yoga Lifestyle. The best method for beginners starting out Yoga is to train their mind into the Yoga Lifestyle by integrating themselves and  traits into it and thus putting themselves in control of our minds; the outcome brings holistic effects, self-realisation, self-awareness, health benefits and a new attitude towards life. One cannot change their life without opening their mind to new things, new beginnings and realising their own potential. This is exactly what Yoga is all about!
The practice itself takes some getting used to; it can be low impact to high impact. Yoga is like a wonder practice; it can be adapted to each individual person and their uniqueness and can be tailored around their level of fitness or state of mind. Everyone can learn and develop in Yoga, which is why it’s so beautiful. To delve further down the rabbit hole the health benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual are so vast that one can feel the outcomes immediately. Each different pose has a different health benefit, whether it is beneficial for your kidneys or bowels or just for basic breathing.
Not only does yoga benefit our organs and body, but also our stamina, strength and to tone our core muscles. When we breathe in during Yoga slowly and deeply, we make more oxygen circulate through our bloodstream. Yoga is an exercise in itself, which causes our cells to be fed a fresh supply of vital nutrients and oxygen which is vital for our bodies, thus this increases energy, vitality and flexibility. Yoga can help a wide range of ailments such as asthma, depression, stress, menstrual problems and lactic acid build-up on our muscles. Some of the ailments that Yoga cures are age-related rheumatism, osteoporosis and arthritis.
However, everyone should bear in mind that Yoga is not a sole cure. One should adapt a good lifestyle and healthy eating to feel the benefits best. Even if people make Yoga a small part of their life it will be beneficial! When one starts to dabble in Yoga it becomes a necessity and a way of life. It’s like the missing key: it opens up your body to a world of new beginnings and no limitations. Yoga is for everyone so start now and push yourself and open up your awareness to your mentality, spirituality and physical body.